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No web page would be complete without a few cheesy snaps of the chaps....

Copy of GRDoko.jpg (35164 bytes) Here's me in Doko no Kamae
Alan looking business-like in Seigan with Katana Alseigan.gif (44303 bytes)
Hgju.gif (14668 bytes) Harvey having a quick Ichimonji on a ruined castle wall
A little star, 5 year old Luke showing us all how it should be done ! Luke in Ichimonji.jpg (11005 bytes)
Soke2.jpg (16480 bytes) Oh, it's me again !

This time Hatsumi Soke is about to make me do the world's worst ukemi

Ryo Onishi captured on film in a dynamic pose typical of the Japanese warrior Ryo.jpg (18008 bytes)
AlnAndy.jpg (20452 bytes) A blur of motion and the enemy is vanquished !

Alan and Andy in action